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I often get asked to define my weight loss goals.

I have some generalities in mind, but nothing hugely specific, mostly because of my fear of failure.

I look at my overeating as something I’ll never really ‘conquer’. Somewhat like an alcoholic, I’ll just need to take it one day at a time. If I don’t do so well one day, hopefully I’ll do better the next day.

That being said, these are the things I’d like to accomplish by losing weight. I’ll tell you as specific as I can be, but I’m not going to give myself some artificial timeline. It took me years to get this fat, and if I try hard for a year, and lose a bunch of weight, I don’t want to feel bad because I didn’t lose exactly X pounds in Y days.

My first goal is to be healthier.

I’m already accomplishing this goal as we speak, and really have been doing this since I got my CPAP machine. What I need to do is continue to accomplish this part of the goal, and to accomplish it in more ways. I want to lower my blood pressure into an acceptable range without medications. I want to walk faster and faster each day. I want to have my various blood tests like glucose and cholesterol come back lower. I want to lower my risk for heart attack and stroke.

My second goal is to lose weight.

I weighed 297 pounds when I started this journey. I’m currently at about 274. I think that’s a pretty significant amount of weight lost, but it’s nowhere near where I want to be. I set my first goal on my Fitbit Ultra profile to 250 pounds. If I reach that goal, I certainly don’t want to stop there. I think with my body type, and height, I’d be really comfortable at about 180 pounds, but I’m certainly not setting that as my make it or break it number. If I don’t hit it, I will not consider this venture a failure. If I truly can make this a lifestyle change, I think I can lose that kind of weight. If I fail along the way, I will just have to try to be happy wherever I am not not gain the lost weight back. I have confidence, motivation, and accountability, so I think I can do it this time.

My third goal is to live longer.

Obviously this one is going to be kind of subjective. It certainly goes hand in hand with the first two. Losing the weight and being healthier will certainly lower my risks of dying at an early age. I want to see my kids grow up. I want to see my kids graduate. I want to see my kids get married. I want to have grandchildren. Without these changes, none of these things are terribly likely. I have to be careful with that kind of thinking for sure, there’s definitely a tendency to think that if I remove most of the negatives that it only leaves positives. There’s always chance. Certainly, getting healthier doesn’t mean my risk for anything drops to zero.

My fourth goal is simply to be happier.

I have a tendency to be a pretty happy and friendly guy most of the time when I’m not at home. I put on a good face. Most people who don’t know me that well probably have a hard time picturing me angry. For some reason, I save being grumpy for the people closest to me. I think it’s probably some sort of defense mechanism. I know my close friends and family love me, so they can accept me when I’m not at my happiest. Deep down, I probably don’t want strangers and acquaintances seeing that side of me, for fear that they might think bad things of me.

It’s not that I’m grumpy and angry all the time of course, it’s just that being fat for so long, being unable to sleep for so long, got tiring. The pains that come with being fat, even the little stuff that causes small annoyances eventually grated on me. That ends up being the catalyst for everything being annoying. I knew that the biggest problem in my life was apparently uncontrollable by me, so everything else seemed more annoying.

Being healthier, losing weight, being less tired and lazy, all of those things are going to lead to a happier me.

What are your weight loss goals?

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