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In my last post I talked about the small advantages that I have over some other people in my weight loss journey.

Today I’m going to talk about some of the challenges I feel are slightly bigger for me than another fat person.

These are some that are more challenging for me because of who I am.

I’m Naturally Lazy

I’m naturally lazy. I’ve gotten MUCH lazier as I’ve gotten older and fatter, but even when I was a kid I had a natural tendency towards not liking doing physical things, unless it was some game I was into. I got pretty hardcore into basketball in high school and played it for hours every day after school. I used to take all day bike trips with friends. But doing exercise or physical things that I didn’t enjoy, just to do them, was definitely not something I was into then, or really now.

It takes every ounce of my strength to get up in the morning and walk. I know that if I let myself slide one day, it will soon become two, or three, and pretty soon I have failed yet again. I have to fight this instinct, and I would imagine that many people who take up weight loss don’t have to fight this as much as I do.

I Love Television and Video Games

I have always had a huge fondness for watching tons of television and playing tons of video games. Years ago, I was able to do these things to the degree I wanted to do them, but I was also able to exercise as well. As I got older and lazier and fatter, I became less and less active. When I wasn’t active I did more things that I enjoyed, video games and television.

I still enjoy these things, and will continue to for the rest of my life, but I just need to do them in moderation.

I Love Fast Food

I really really love fast food. I love just about every fast food restaurant out there. I love the convenience, and surprisingly, I love the taste. Probably the worst offender is my love for McDonald’s. I love Chicken McNuggets. Seriously, I understand that they are terrible for me. However, if you gave me some of that BBQ sauce and 50 of them, they would be gone in minutes. I especially love McDonald’s breakfast. When I was in the deepest stages of being a big fat guy, I would totally eat there every weekday. Using the McDonald’s Menu Explorer, my typical breakfast was somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 calories, and not healthy calories.

I know that I can never give something like this up completely, but I am proud to say that I have had exactly one McDonald’s breakfast since I started my weight loss routine, and I didn’t even eat my hash brown?

What things about you make it more difficult for you to lose weight than the average person?

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