Jul 202012

The Color Run here in Columbus, Ohio is tomorrow morning. I’m pretty nervous about doing it.

It’s definitely not that I don’t think I’ll make it to the end. I walk this much every single day in the morning before work. I had planned on at least jogging a little during the event, but I’m not sure if that will happen or not, my feet have been pretty sore lately.

I’m more nervous about the perception. It’s stupid, but it’s there.

Here’s a little bit of what happened yesterday for you to get an idea of what I’m talking about. In order to get in the race, you need to pick up a packet, which is basically a bit of swag and your number. I got a T-Shirt, a headband, a wristband, a packet of (pink) color powder, and my running number. (Pictured below.)

I went to pick up my packet at a place called RoadRunner. I had not heard of this place previously, but it’s a pretty large running/walking specialty store. When I got there I immediately felt out of place. Everyone there was skinny, in shape. The person who gave me my number asked me if I was picking it up for me or for someone else. I hadn’t heard her ask the previous person that, or the person after me. Also, when I went to pick up my T-Shirt, the highest size they had was 1x. Yes, I realize it’s a ‘race’ and most people who are 2x aren’t going to run in it, but it’s also billed as a run that anyone can do, runners, walkers, even people with strollers. Right or wrong, in my head, they were judging me for being a fat guy. I know I’ve lost 37 pounds in the last few months, but they don’t. They only see a fat guy.

Whether they were thinking them or not is pretty irrelevant to me irrationally mindscrewing myself. It’s something I really really have to try to get over, especially as I become skinnier and skinnier. I am one of the few fat guys who knows what it’s like to be on both sides, and I KNOW I’m treated differently by many people as a fat guy than I was as a skinny guy, so the perception in my head is hard to fight. Anyway, enough about my psychological problems.

I have my swag, and I’m ready to go. Like I said, I won’t be jogging much if at all, but I’m going to walk as quickly as I can and continue down my weight-loss road.

If you are someone like me, who has failed at weight loss in the past, I highly recommend doing things like this to keep yourself motivated. Look in your area, find a 5k that’s a few months out, sign up. Don’t look back. If you’ve paid the money, you have to go right? Even if your mind plays tricks on you and you feel like I described above, do what I do, use it as motivation.

If you can set goals like this that are out a few months, it’s much much easier to not fail. It’s easier to keep it up because you KNOW you have that event coming up in the future.

My next one is the Air Force 5k in September.

I’ll do a post ‘race’ recap, hopefully with some sweet pictures of this fat guy covered in colored powder.

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May 252012

The Color Run
A few weeks ago I was talking to my friend Mark (@RedditCBJ on Twitter) about how my brother talked me into running the Air Force Marathon 5k this fall.

He later told me that he was talking to his friend Chris (@WakeUpChris) at a twitter gathering and they were going to try to run in the Air Force Marathon 5k with me. Unfortunately, by that time the race was sold out.

He then decided that he was going to find another race for us to run in. That’s right. A SECOND 5k. Well, technically a first 5k, as this one will take place before the Air Force one that I already signed up for. You can read about that here.

They did some Twitter research and landed on a unique 5k that takes place in a bunch of different cities each year. It’s happening here in Columbus, Ohio on July 21st, 2012.

It’s called “The Color Run“. At the start of the race you are wearing a white t-shirt. As you pass each kilometer mark you get hit with a different color of this powdery paint stuff. You can see it pretty clearly in the videos at the bottom. At the end it looks like a rainbow barfed on you. It looks pretty fun, well, except for the prospect that I may be running. Actually, if I were to describe what I will be doing during the run, it would probably be something like jogwalkfalldeathing.

He and some other #CBJ people on twitter decided to create a team, and we are all going to participate. I use the term participate very loosely in my case. Our team name is the Columbus Blue-Green-Yellow-Pink Jackets. I look forward to meeting a bunch of fellow Columbus Blue Jacket fans while out on this trek.

Here are the 3 simple rules of The Color Run:

    Rule #1 All participants are welcome… fast, slow, runner, walker, old, and young.
    Rule #2 White shirt dress code at the official start line and ready to roll no later than 9am sharp!
    Rule #3 Completely colored Willy Wonka goodness at the finish.

Below is straight from The Color Run website telling about the race in their own words.

The Color Run is a one of a kind experience that is less about speed and more about enjoying a color crazy day with your friends and family. For our events, it is about participants of all different speeds, ages, shapes, and sizes toeing the start line. Whether you are a casual morning mall walker or an Olympic athlete, the 3 miles of the Color Run course will be the most enjoyable real estate you’ve traveled in a VERY long time.

The other cool thing about the run is that it’s going on during the Columbus Jazz and Rib Fest. That’s something I’ve never participated in, I guess mostly because until this last year I had spent almost zero time downtown. I spent more time this last year because of my Columbus Blue Jackets tickets, and I’ve got a bigger ticket package this year, so I’ll be down there even more. At any rate, I’ve always wanted to go to the Rib Fest, so I can check it out before or after the race.

Here is a map of the race, showing where we will be going, and where the different color stations will be set up.

The Color Run - Columbus, Ohio

The Color Run - Columbus Ohio - July 21st, 2012

Here’s a couple of cool videos from The Color Run website.

I look forward to taking my trusty Fitbit Ultra on this journey. I’ll also record it with Endomondo and we’ll see how close my ‘running’ is to the actual map they provided.

Have any of you ever participated in a Color Run? What was your experience like?

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