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I know that there are quite a few different places that people wear their Fitbit. Some use the carrying holder that comes with it ( I don’t, my belt is too thick.) Some keep it in their pocket. Some attach it to the outside of their pocket (me, pictured below). I have even heard that many women clip it on their bra, though I bet it looks odd if they check their step count as often as I do.

My Fitbit

This is where I wear my Fitbit.

A few weeks ago I was walking with my youngest son around a lake in a local metropark. I often look down at my Fitbit to check the steps when I’m on a walk, and this day was no different in that regard. I looked down for my Fitbit and noticed it was missing. After the giant panic attack, I let my son know that we’d need to circle back and look for it. He calmly explained that he’d seen it fall off not long ago. Why he decided that this wasn’t important enough to mention to me at that time, I don’t know. We backtracked and found it thankfully.

A week or two later, I noticed my Fitbit was missing when I was at work. I had gone to a local pet store at lunch and somehow managed to lose it there. Thankfully it was still there when I called the store and I was able to come back and get it.

After nearly losing my 99 dollar investment twice, I decided to invest in a pedometer leash. I didn’t know they’d be as cheap as they are. Here is a link to the pedometer leash that I ordered in case you are interested in buying one for yourself.

The concept is pretty simple, there’s a part that loops around your pedometer, and another part that attaches to your belt loop or somewhere similar.

It arrived last Friday, and I’m very thankful that it did. I was out on my walk on Sunday and looked down and my Fitbit was dangling from the leash like in the picture below!

Leash Saves the Day

If you have a pedometer, I recommend spending a couple of dollars on a leash, even if you don’t have a super expensive pedometer, you can save yourself the cost of replacing it, for less than 3 bucks. Seems like a good idea even on the cheaper models, let alone the more expensive pedometers. I guess it’s kind of like insurance, except there’s no monthly payment.

Do you own a pedometer leash? How much money has it saved you?

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