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Chronological listing of Posts on Fat Guy Shrinking.

    1. How Did I Become a Fat Guy?
    2. Losing Weight: My First Failure
    3. Losing Weight: My Second Failure
    4. Losing Weight: Starting to Create the New Me
    5. Losing Weight: My Savior, the Fitbit Ultra
    6. Fat Guy Lawnmowing
    7. 3 Weight Loss Steps that I am Doing Correctly Right Now
    8. 3 Weight Loss Steps to Improve
    9. Pre-Weight Loss Victories
    10. Weight Loss Challenges
    11. Weight Loss Goals
    12. Healthy Roads Weight Loss Help
    13. Motivation: Fat Guy Shirts Website
    14. Motivation: Finding the Real Me
    15. Great News! I Overate Yesterday.
    16. I’m Going to Run in the Columbus Color Run
    17. Air Force Marathon 5k

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