May 182012

I came across a website called FatGuyShirts the other day.

Myself, I find humor in just about everything, and most of the time I’d probably describe myself as a jovial fat guy. I spend a good portion of my time using self deprecating humor.

Some of the shirts are absolutely hilarious to me. My favorite is probably Buffet Molester.

I posted it on my Facebook page shortly after I started losing weight. Many of my overweight friends found it funny, I think one of my friends even bought a T-Shirt there.

Some of my friends did not find it funny at all, and even said that it was insulting. I started to think about that for a bit. I’ve put up this self-deprecating front about being a fat guy for a long time. I’ve put up with it so long that it has definitely become part of who I am. Thinking a bit further down that particular path, I started to realize that if I didn’t find my weight offensive, at least to me, I certainly wouldn’t be trying to get rid of it.

So while I found this site funny in the beginning, and can see the humor side of it. I’m also able to see the motivational side of it. I can use it to motivate myself to NOT fit into the stereotypes that these shirts display.

I can use it to motivate myself to look at these shirts someday and say, “That’s not me”.

Does a site like this motivate you?

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