Oct 092012

Hi Everyone,

Just dropping a quick note to let you know where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing.

A few days before my last post on August 14th, I bought a brand new bicycle. My plan was to ride it for a few days, and then post about it, and then do a bunch of followup posts about all of the great trails and things I found with the bike. (Those posts will still happen, but probably not until the spring.)

Unfortunately, bad luck happened on August 18th. I was riding my new bike down Clime Road, not far from my house, and I hit a patch of gravel as I was transitioning over a lip on the edge of the curb where it meets the road. Long story short: I wrecked my bike, and shattered my left wrist.

I’ve had two surgeries over the past seven weeks. I have ten screws, two pins and a plate in my wrist. It’s been one of the darkest, most self-pitying times in my life. I couldn’t even shower and dress myself for a good portion of that time.

I’ve started the post that details everything that’s gone on in the past couple of months, but it’s not ready yet, I’m just letting you know that it’s coming. There will be details, and pictures, and horror stories.

It’s going to be months, if not a year before I fully regain motion in the muscles in my left wrist/hand area, but it’s getting stronger every day.

I think that’s an important life lesson I’ve learned. Sometimes stuff sucks. Sometimes stuff REALLY sucks, but there’s always something better on the other side.

At any rate, I want to tell you that dark times get better. I’m coming out of it now, I’m getting back on my weight loss journey and I’m not going to let it beat me. The great thing is that I’m essentially even at 43 pounds down since I started. It’s been down and up during the time off, but I didn’t lose any ground on my previous work.

I walked three miles this morning, with almost no extra swelling in my wrist. I’m going to walk 3 miles tomorrow morning, and 3 miles the next morning, and so on, until I’m a skinny guy.

I’ll talk to you soon.

Mike (Fat Guy Shrinking)

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