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Last week when I was on vacation, something happened to my fitbit.

It broke! I really don’t even know what happened, I took it off of one pair of pants to switch it to another, and when I looked at it, it looked like a robot with it’s exoskeleton torn off.

I was able to quickly find the pieces and put it back together and everything worked fine thank goodness.

However, today when I sat at my desk, it caught on the arm to my chair and it popped apart again.

I decided to put up a quick tutorial on how to fix it in case this ever happens to you!

First, the picture below is what my Fitbit Ultra looked like today.

My Poor Fitbit

As you can see, it was in 4 pieces, with the LCD screen flopping away a little bit. I’ve used highly technical terms in the picture above, so don’t worry if the terminology is over your head, just go with the flow.

The first thing I did was to check to make sure the device was actually functioning. I did this by putting the LCD screen back in place and pressing the spot where the button should be. Sure enough, it worked fine.

After that small test, the rest is just really a small puzzle.

First, I took the knobby thing and placed it where I thought it should go, the picture below demonstrates what I did pretty clearly. The only important parts to remember are that there is a small round hole in the knobby thing, that needs to face the LCD screen, and it needs to be placed with the bumpy knob side up.

Fixing my Poor Fitbit

Next, I took the button and set it on top of the knobby thing. There’s a small peg on the button that fits into the small round hole I mentioned above, and the button itself fits over the bumpy knob in the middle. Picture is below for reference.

Inserting the button!

Next, I carefully placed the cover back on and snapped it into place.

Completed Repair

Luckily everything works still!

It's Alive!

After careful examination, I discovered that some of the blue plastic is breaking on the underneath of the Fitbit Ultra itself. I’ll have to be really careful when I move it to and from different pockets in the future.

Fitbit Ultra Damage

Edit: Since I published this I received a new Fitbit Ultra from Fitbit. It’s been running just fine since then. Since Fitbit Ultra is now a deprecated product, I’ve got some links below in case you find yourself in a situation where you have broken your Fitbit Ultra and would like a replacement.

First, there’s the Fitbit Zip: It’s smaller, cheaper, but it doesn’t do the sleep monitoring that the Fitbit Ultra did or the Fitbit One does now.

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, Charcoal

And then there is the Fitbit One. It replaced the Fitbit Ultra.

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker, Black

Hopefully this will help some of you if you ever run into this situation.

Thanks for Stopping by.


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  15 Responses to “Fitbit Ultra Repair”

  1. Thanks for the detailed explanation.

    Today, as I sat down in a chair on a patio wooden deck, my fitbit disintegrated in a similar manner. As I retrieved the main parts, I could not see the “knobbly thing” or “button”. I assume they went into the void below the decking – my fitbit is functioning still, albeit held together with duct tape and buttonless.

    I am steeling myself to revisit the scene of the incident and search the stigian darkness below the decking area. Who knows what I will find!

    Heh ho

    • Yes, I believe you are correct, the knobby thing and the button probably went below the decking. The two times that this happened to me before I wrote this article, all of the pieces were close by.

      Since then, I’ve managed to have it fall apart again, and lost the button. The good news is that it still works just fine, I just can’t see the display unless I take the cover off and press the inside button.

      I’ll probably be calling Fitbit later today about a replacement. I guess I got it to last a few more days with this method though!

  2. avatar

    Thank you so much, Mike.MIne broke and I had the knobby thing, but not the button.Wonder of all wonders, I looked and eventually found the teeney-weeney button.

    Your help and photos are much appreciated!


  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the info.

    Can you recommend how to get the Fitbit open if it hasn’t happened on its own? I over pressed my button and I want to try opening it to see if i can press the inner button. So far I just managed to stab myself in the thumb with the screw driver.


  4. I have a fitbit ultra abut that is it. my friend lost the other parts. am i able to purchases items to be able to use it?

    • Sorry, I hadn’t seen this reply until now. I don’t think you can buy the parts separately. The Fitbit Ultra is now no longer sold by Fitbit, but I’ve included some links above where you can buy the newer cheaper version, or the version that replaced the Ultra above. (Fitbit Zip and Fitbit One).

  5. Hey Mike.

    Thanks so much for this. Most helpful. My FitBit broke the day before yesterday, and also on my decking outside the patio doors at the back of the house. I managed to get it back together again, but had to glue it with gorilla glue as most of the inner clips had snapped off. Hopefully it will last a while longer as I don’t have the cash to buy another yet.

    Best regards


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    I’ve had two fitbit Ultra’s die on me the same way. often, when clipped at the belt (using their carrier, not with the fitbit itself over the belt, which would suredly break it), car seatbelts will take a grab, and before you realize it as you’re getting out of the car, the device is split in two. In my case, this caused the device to cease functioning (no LCD, no comms), even though the button parts were all there.

    I didn’t have proof of purchase of the second one that died, so no warranty replacement. I now have a fitbit one, which has its own issues, but at least the device itself isn’t likely to break in this manner.

    If you’re a tinker (or know one), the little battery module is a Li-Ion (3.7V) and is useful for microcontroller projects.

  7. I had hit 30,000 steps and I was done, so I started looking at activities and noticed I could login walking and running, but when I did that it added to my steps to 55,000. How do I get those steps taken off?

  8. avatar

    how and where can I get my fitbit repaired?

  9. avatar

    Mine kept coming apart when I charged it…the back would fall off. I would snap it back on and it would be fine. The other day I noticed the button was completely gone. I haven’t even had it 6 months! Seems like they would be made a little better. I adore my fitbit band and can’t afford another one right now…so I check my status’ s by my smart phone..but can’t get any display on the actual band! UUUUGGGGG!!!!

  10. Is there anyway to change the screen on a Fitbit HR? My husband has scratched his so badly it can’t be read

  11. avatar

    I have had two Fitbit HRs come apart on me…the back piece that holds the charger piece in place on the device has broken and come off; thus I cannot charge the fitbit unless I hold it in place–that is not going to happen…and it is past the warranty and Fitbit cannot do anything about it except offer me 25% off another device…(these devices are not cheap!)

    Is this something that can be fixed or should I just forget Fitbit? Help

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