Apr 302012

Do you want to know something ridiculous?

A few months ago, I was too fat to mow my lawn.

I told you it was ridiculous.

To be fair, I have a large lawn. It’s not huge for country living, but for city living it’s pretty big, and it’s bar far the biggest lawn on my block. To top it off, I have a huge hill in the back, it’s pretty high, and it has 3 sides to it, so it makes the maneuvering pretty tricky. However, a normal person could easily mow my lawn in less than an hour.

For the past few years I’ve mowed my lawn in three sections on three different days. I would pathetically mow the front yard, and then go inside and collapse into a pile on my bed and let my fan blow on me until I could breathe normally. If I wasn’t too lazy, I’d repeat the process over the next two days on half of the back yard each day.

If I was lazy, I’d skip the back yard for a week or more, because it was just too much extra work.

I was embarrassed about how my lawn looked, but being too fat and lazy to move outweighed the embarrassment. (Haha, outweighed!)

Since I have change my activity levels this year, I can easily mow my entire yard in under an hour. The hills is no problem at all.

All it took was to fix my issue of being less tired (You can read about that here) and to become more active. It’s so simple that a child could understand, but I was so deep in the rut of being tired, and being lazy and being fat, that I couldn’t see it.

Of course the bonus is that I can get nearly five thousand steps by mowing my lawn. The fitbit measures stairs as changes in elevations, so I record a few flights of stairs as well.

After I mow my lawn, I even have enough energy to do the rest of my steps for the day, often right after the lawnmowing. Mowing my full lawn and then going to do MORE walking was completely unthinkable as recently as last fall. It’s amazing how quickly things can change.

If you are in the midst of a weight loss journey, what common things can you now do, that you couldn’t before you started your journey?

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    I know the feeling of mowing your lawn. I mowed my lawn this weekend, picked up some bracnhes and took them to the curb. I didnt want to move for an hour or so after I was done.

  2. Yup, I know that feeling well Jerry!

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