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My last post was about 3 things I am doing correctly in my weight loss journey.

I wanted to also do a post about 3 things that I could improve upon in my weight loss journey.

Keep Track of my Calories better.

I usually do a pretty good job of keeping track of my calories, but I could definitely improve. Sometimes, I will eat the same thing for several days in a row and instead of entering it into MyFitnessPal, I just keep track of it in my head, unfortunately, those days I usually miss a few things, so I end up having more calories than I should.

The other part of this is that I definitely keep track of it much less fervently on the weekends. I think part of it is my mindset that I’m ‘done’ with my work week, so I don’t eat meals in a structured way as much as I should on the weekend. Also, at work when I glance at my phone, it’s almost a subliminal reminder to update my calorie counting in MyFitnessPal, but on the weekend, glancing at my phone doesn’t trigger the same reminder.

I think I can improve on this with just being more diligent in my tracking.

Vary my exercise more.

Right now, I’m essentially just walking. I have gotten on my eliptical machine about three times total since I started exercising. Part of that is because I am too fat to do much else, but that is slowly changing. As I get more in shape, I want to vary my exercise and increase it as well. I have a few things in mind, I’ll start with some of the basic things that I did in the military, such as push-ups and sit-ups.

I also want to make use of the Fitness Evolved Kinect game for my Xbox 360. I bought it on sale in February, and from what I hear it’s pretty good. I think once I get into a bit better shape, I could really get into that.

Eventually I want to get into running and also perhaps try P90X, but that is probably quite a ways off. I definitely do not want to injure myself, so I’m keeping it pretty low stress for now.

Consistently get up in the Morning to walk.

I find that I can absolutely fit more into my day when I get up early in the morning and get my walking out of the way before breakfast and work. I’ve been able to do it three days in a row now, so I hope this is a pattern that I can stick to. I have a couple of things that are really helping to motivate me in this regard.

The first is that it’s getting much warmer out. Fat guys don’t do well in heat, especially when exercising. It definitely is in my best interest to get this done while it’s still cool and dark in the morning.

The second thing that is motivating me to keep this part up right now is that we just got a dog over the weekend. She needs to get a little better at walking on a leash, but I took her out for my walk this morning and she did very well. Knowing that the dog needs walked every day is something that really will help me keep this up.

What are some things that you could improve on in your weight loss journey?

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    The blog is a great way to hold yourself publicly accountable, isn’t it? Keep it up! I am pretty diligent about tracking my calories, too, but you’re right that it’s harder to remember every little thing on the weekends.

    Don’t wait until you’re in “better shape” to try the Fitness Evolved Kinect! I’m not familiar with it, but there’s no time like the present — By starting now when you find it difficult, you’ll notice even more drastically how it’s getting easier over time. You don’t want injuries, of course, but give it a try!

    I do really applaud you for getting up in the morning to walk. I can’t imagine fitting that into my schedule, but it sounds like it’s working really well for you — and the new dog is the perfect motivator! Congrats again!

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