May 022012

I wanted to give myself a little motivation

The cake is a lie.

No, not cake!

These are three weight loss things that I’m doing well right now:


1. I’m hitting my step count on my Fitbit Ultra.

For quite a few days now I’ve hit my goal of 10,000 steps. I seem to have the motivation to get this done every day, and it’s becoming easier and easier. The only challenge that I can fathom in this area soon is that with the increasing amount of steps, I will have to spend even more time doing it. I can fix this in a couple of ways. The first way is to increase my speed, whether by walking faster or beginning to jog or run as I become more fit. The second is something I’m going to have to switch to really soon anyway, and that is to get up early and walk in the morning. I’ll need to do that because of the heat anyway, it will be nearly impossible for a big fat guy like myself to walk in the 85+ degree weather.

2. I’m maintaining a positive attitude and positive progression towards my weight loss goal.

It’s very difficult for me to maintain a positive attitude about weight loss, mostly because of all the times that I have failed. If you haven’t read those posts, you can start here.

I want to believe that I can do it this time, but the past tells keeps nipping at my heels, telling me I will fail. Any minor scale setback tends to make outlook more dour. I’ve been having some achilles tendon pain on my right foot, which causes me not to want to do much walking.

The important part is that I’ve continued to do the things I need to do.

With all of these factors against me, I believe I’ve done well in overcoming the negativity that resides in my own brain, and I continue to be as positive as I can be about being successful.

3. I’m doing more work in my yard.

I’m working in my yard much more since I have started losing weight. I’ve done more mowing and landscaping in the last three weeks than I have in the previous 3 years combined. Any sort of activity that burns calories is good in my book, and this particular one not only burns calories but makes my yard look better.

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